Station: Macquarie Plains

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between YATES and GLENORA


1889 Mr. Roley
1 Aug 1889 to at least 1890, possibly relieving in 1899 Mr. William Coultman Smith [with porter Levison]; 1890 'Blue Book'
28 March1892 to 1908 Mr. John Joyce Station Master (also Postmaster) 1894 'Blue Book' - salary in 1893 was £124 [first appointment 1 July 1887]

Station Master (also Postmaster) 1896 'Blue Book' - salary in 1896 was £124;

Station Master (also Postmaster) 1899 'Blue Book' - salary in 1899 was £127;

JJ had a fall Jan 1899 so possibly Smith relieving

1910 Mr. Vincent C.S. Harris Post and stationmaster [Wises Tasmanian Post Office Directory 1910]
1920 to 1934 Mr. Marshall [possibly later]


1889 to 1899 Levison [no mention in 1890 'Blue Book']

Staff Tickets

Up to New Norfolk Macquarie Plains to New Norfolk.jpg
Down to Westerway Macquarie Plains to Westerway.jpg


Screen Shot 2021-05-07 at 10.23.15 pm.png Macquarie Plains 1968
DVR8% 20B class locomotive at Macquarie Plains (11682379854)from Archives Macquarie Plains labelled as Gretna.jpg Macquarie Plains B Class Locomotive
DVR25 Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 4.51.13 pm.png Macquarie Plains