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The Original name for Coniston was "Glenora".

"Glenora" was the terminus of the line until 1909. Up to 1909 to turn the locomotives around efficiently for their return journey it had a turntable located just beyond the station.

Staff at Glenora Station

from name position source salary
10 Aug 1889 to 1892 John Joyce Porter in Charge 1890 'Blue Book' 5/6 per diem [first appointment 1 July 1887]

After 28 March1892 transferred to be Station master at Macquarie Plains

20 April 1892 to at least 1898 Charles Mohr Porter in Charge (also Postmaster) 1894 'Blue Book'

1896 'Blue Book' 1899 'Blue Book'

6/- per diem

5/6 per diem 6/9 per diem

[first appointment 20 July 1884]

Photos[edit | edit source]

Station Building 1888 Glenora Station P1012785 copy.jpg Coniston

[At time of this drawing called Glenora]

Turntable ready

for relocation

WC1911012603 Turntable on Waggon ready for transit - assumed Glenora.jpg Coniston

[At time of this photo called Glenora]

Sketch of Track Layout P2377-1-10 34.jpg Coniston 1930-1935