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Photograph Location Year Date Source KPD Comment
New Norfolk 1968 QVMAG? 18.3 View looking west of the line between the New Norfolk engine shed and New Norfolk Station. In the middle distance, to the south of the line, can be seen the Goods Shed and to the north of the line the Railway's "Single Men's quarters". Photo taken 8-11-'68
Maydena 1968 QVMAG? Photos taken [8-11-'68]
P2121-1-3P03.jpg Maydena 1968 QVMAG? Photos taken [8-11-'68]
P2121-1-3P04.jpg Maydena 1968 QVMAG? Photos taken [8-11-'68]
Aerial fom listmaps Screen Shot 2020-11-18 at 10.36.52 pm.png New Norfolk 2020? 18.3
Dennis Hewitt 1 1961 Y1- Paintwork new; Launceston: TGR photo
Dennis Hewitt 2 Locomotive Steam Q; latter stages as well for. Last Q went north to be scrapped 1960; 19 of them all up; TGR photos
Dennis Hewitt 3 Tasman Limited Hostesses; ACS Buffet; resource for restoration; NB straw dispenser; thought to be early 60s from TGR logo on uniform.
Dennis Hewitt 4 Tasman Limited . Two adults and boy. mid 1950s. NB white anti-maccassers. photo posed for Tourism Promotion.
Dennis Hewitt 5 Tasman Limited . ACS cars. TGR publicity - reclining seat, curtains, ashtray.
Dennis Hewitt 6 Ryndaston Tunnel was enlarged by "the mole" borrowed from hydro-electric commission - This photo is of it coming through the northern portal. Stopped for photo before demolishing sandstone. Tunnel now is concrete extension. Sandstone at Southern end still standing.
Dennis Hewitt 7 Y1 accident - front dented. Owned by Tasrail now.
Dennis Hewitt 8 Y1 with camp cars in background for workers to camp in. Photo taken after Y1 converted to auto-couplers ie 1980s. Also, earlier camp cars were two-tone with black on botton and yellow above.
Dennis Hewitt 9 Cab of Y1
Dennis Hewitt 10 Cab of Y1, Launceston.
Dennis Hewitt 11 Y1 - X in Background+AAL/BBL
Dennis Hewitt 12 Y1
Dennis Hewitt 13 Y1
Dennis Hewitt 14 Y1 with Holden 1968 HK/HG
Dennis Hewitt 15 Y1 different livery - original red with cream stripes. Near new. Location unknown.
Dennis Hewitt 16 DP and DT railcars - probably brand new circa 1938. Cream on top and Dark Green on bottom. Non-articulated used on the Launceston service and Hobart suburban line. Launceston to Western Junction. Workers in N.W.; Phot likely North-east line trials- buffers new)
Dennis Hewitt 17 DP. Original Tasman Limited. "Launcestonian"9one of threee legs of original Tasman Limited. Had buffet. Ran until 1955 - only for year or so. Luxury. Gas Works in background (Launceston). Radiator on roof.
Dennis Hewitt 18 1965 HD Holdens. Probably Devonport/Burnie to Hobart. KKC4. Building in background not identified.
Dennis Hewitt 19 XA3 - possibly Hobart. Good sharp photo.
Dennis Hewitt 20 X8 Short goods Train; North East Line. Dent in front where collided with gang-motor on N.E.Line.
Dennis Hewitt 21 X8 and gang-motor roof.
Dennis Hewitt 22 X8 with Dent
Dennis Hewitt 23 Photo of Speedo Tape. Z4 derailment 10/10/73 from Transport Dept. Launceston.
Dennis Hewitt 24 Y1/Y2 being assembled in the Launceston workshops.[pin holes in four corners of photo] Launceston 1961
Dennis Hewitt 25 XA1 Tasman Limited. Possibly Conara Junction mid 1960s Carriages DZ, ACS Buffet, DZ?
Dennis Hewitt 26 Y and X Appendix 2.
Dennis Hewitt 27 U2 and V1 Appendix 3.
Dennis Hewitt 28